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We can offer our comprehensive services in:

  • Project-specific model stone services
  • Price setting according to budgets for natural stone products and installations
  • We help to size the stone together with the designer in a way that caters to the designer’s vision while optimizing the cost of refining and installing the chosen stone.
  • Details during installation of natural stone
  • We can arrange meetings at the design firm, the construction site, the developer’s office or at Loimaan Kivi’s factory.

Please send us all your inquiries!

Juuso Rainio | Project manager
040 722 6732 |

You can also find more information (in Finnish) in this guide to purchasing natural stone, directed at public procurers:

Loimaan kivi - vierailu


It is a matter of pride for us to be able to arrange visits at our factory at Loimaa. On site at the factory is also the best place to find out about natural stone products and how they are refined. We can also arrange courses in natural stone for groups you pick.

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We will help you with anything to do with choosing a stone and will give you a quote for your needs.

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