There is a dignity in the combination of stone, refined steel and bronze.

A memorial reflects the personality of the person who passed away and is a way to honor their lives in a dignified way. Cast bronze decorations, together with natural stone, is a classic and well-liked choice. These materials perfectly complement each other, both with regards to their appearance and characteristics. Both materials represent permanence. The combination of stone and bronze is dignified, contrasts well with one another, and creates a visually interesting whole. In our headstone outlets you will find a large selection of decorations in refined steel and bronze.


Bronze, as a material, lasts forever, is popular, and is timelessly stylish. As such it is perfect for recording names and dates on headstones. As time goes by, a beautiful patina well suited for a memorial will form on the bronze letters. A cast product gives the appearance of depth, further accentuated by the eventual patina in natural light. Depending on the product and the supplier, the production involves around 15–30 manual steps, from casting to finalizing the product, including the coating and the packaging.

The appearance and coloration of letters cast in bronze or other materials can be personalized by changing their coating, which means they can be made to fit with different types of stone as well as with inscriptions and decorations. A professionally made hidden anchor guarantees they are discreetly and permanently attached.


A cast lantern or a lantern inlay on a headstone creates a beautiful and atmospheric whole. Thanks to the lantern, a candle can burn safely at your loved one’s grave, protected from wind and rain. Our lanterns are made from a bronze alloy designed specifically for our demanding northern climate, while upholding our Finnish grave memorial traditions.


Decorations attached to a headstone can either be a miniature sculpture in bronze or a relief. Often headstone decorations refer to Christian symbolism, but these days increasingly also to hobbies and similar.


Nikama Design Oy is a design firm founded in 2009 in Oulu.

The firm has a beautiful and touching philosophy. “From the very beginning our values have been humanity, togetherness and caring. It has been easy for us to rely on these values during our entire existence. Genuine, from the beginning to the end.” says Nikama’s CEO Teemu Partanen.

All Nikama’s products are made of Finnish refined steel, made in the world’s most northerly steel factory. Our Jaur water pitcher is an award-winning example internationally acclaimed steel design. The series won first prize in an international steel design competition in 2002 (SSAD).

Nikama Design’s steel products bend the light, shining soft and warm. Both curved and straight forms come to life as decorations, gifts and utility articles as well jewelry. Much like how arctic nature reduces itself to a bare minimum, so do Nikama Design’s steel products, tinged by a sense of the monumental and a thrilling minimalism in its smallest details.

Nikama - Guard

nikama guard – the protector

Guard is alive with strength and sensitivity. The design of Guard is inspired by guardian angels. This beautiful and sensitive protector is the result of combining design with the everlasting beauty of steel.

Design Päivi Partanen

Nikama - Risti

nikama cross

The cross is a symbol of hope. The sword represents the search for truth and the defense of it. In Nikama’s cross these two symbols combine: By finding and defending truth the hope of freedom is kept alive. The middle of the cross represents the Resurrection.

Design Päivi Partanen

Hand crafted in Finland out of Finnish steel. Nikama’s products speak to people. The design is direct, without hurry. It does not pry nor explain. Inside the calm exterior you will find the eternal.

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