Loimaan Kivicenter

Over a hundred headstones on display plus a large selection of stones for decoration and construction

Our stone outlet at Loimaa is next to our factory. Our Showroom is filled with things to see. On display is over a hundred headstones as well as various stone products for both decoration and construction.

No matter what you need stone for, we can help you learn about all the possible uses for Finnish stone. Our store manager Anne Paljakka can tell you everything there is to know about Finnish stone and will happily give you whatever guidance or advice you need.

We arrange tours to our shop in Loimaa during which you can also visit the factory itself. If you are interested on behalf of your company, association or educational institution, please be in touch.

Loimaan Kivi / Loimaan Kivicenter

Palininkatu 2
32200 LOIMAA

+358 40 567 7922 / Kivicenter
+358 40 836 5808 / Anne Paljakka


mon – fri 9.00 – 16.00
For other times, please call and make an appointment
+358 40 836 5808

We are eager to be of service!

All our outlets offer a design program for headstones, which can be used to create a 3D-model of the headstone while you wait.

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