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In Kellonummi in Espoo we will design your memorial together with you in a simple and uncomplicated process. Some of those who walk in through the door already know what kind of memorial they are looking for. But I would say most of our customers have no experience or opinion in the matter.

The model stones in the yard make it easier to picture the size, color and form of the headstone, and it is much easier to continue planning when you have seen the stone as it looks like in natural light.

I consider giving advice and helping my customers the best and most valuable part of my own work. The classic rules of design and typography apply for grave memorials in just the same way as any other form of design. Every little detail contributes to a successful end result, which is where I feel my help is the most useful to my customers when they are choosing the perfect headstone.

The best thanks I can get for my work is when customers return to thank me for my service and for the quality of the work

– Jouni Peltola

Loimaan Kivi / Espoon Kellonummi

Kellonummentie 5
02740 ESPOO

+358 40 664 7290


mon-fri 10.00 – 17.00

For other times, please call and make an appointment
+358 40 664 7290

We are eager to be of service!

All our outlets offer a design program for headstones, which can be used to create a 3D-model of the headstone while you wait.


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